KDevelop 4.3.1

KDevelop 4.3.1


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is a free, open source IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris and FreeBSD.
It is a feature-full, plugin extensible IDE for C/C++ and other programming languages.
It is based on KDevPlatform, and the KDE and Qt libraries and is under development since 1998.


is a free, open source set of libraries that can be used as a foundation for IDE-like programs.
It is programing-language independent, and is planned to be used by programs like: KDevelop, Quanta, Kile, KTechLab ... etc.

KDevelop is a modern integrated development environment (IDE) for C++ (and other languages) that is one of many KDE applications. As such it runs on Linux (even if you run one of the other desktops, such as GNOME) but it is also available for most other variants of Unix and for Windows as well.

KDevelop offers all amenities of modern IDEs. For large projects and applications, the most important feature is that KDevelop understands C++: it parses the entire source base and remembers which classes have which member functions, where variables are defined, what their types are, and many other things about your code.
Release notes: New Release
Improved C++ support

On machines that already use the recently released GCC 4.7, you need KDevelop 4.3.1 to ensure proper support for many C++ stdlib classes in our language support. This is due to the usage of the new C++11 noexecept keyword in the stdlib header files, which was not supported by KDevelop until now.

Furthermore we managed to resolve a nasty bug in our template support, which so far could freeze our parser when processing specific template code. This means you can finally use the famous Eigen library among others in KDevelop again.

Other Bugfixes

Beside the notable changes above, KDevelop 4.3.1 comes with lots of bug fixes for our PHP and QtHelp documentation plugins, the PHP support and other areas. As usual, we also managed to resolve a few crashes.
[ KDevelop full changelog ]

Systems: Windows 7, Mac OS X, WinXP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows2003

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